What to Bring

  • Insurance Referrals: If a PCP (Primary Care Physician) referral is required for a Specialist visit based on your insurance carrier’s policy, it is the patient’s responsibility to bring any required referral needed for the RCNJ exam
  • Referring Doctor Note: Any documentation (note, drawing, etc.) provided by the referring physician, describing reason for the RCNJ visit
  • Photo Identification: Ex. Driver’s License, Passport (if you do not have a Driver's License), etc.
  • All Insurance cards: Primary Insurance, Secondary Insurance (Medicare, etc.)
  • Specialist Co-Payment or Deductible: Due at time of check in (if applicable, any outstanding balances owed for previous visits are also due at check in)
  • Medication: a list of all medication and eye drops you are currently taking, including the name and dosage amount of the drug (Please bring the actual medication with you, if that is easier than creating a list)
  • Medical Records: (only if needed, as per your referring physician) Copies of any medical records that may be important to share with the RCNJ physician
  • Completed New Patient Registration Packet (all forms must be completed for new patients) Please use the following link: Click Here for Patient Forms

    • New Patient Registration Form
    • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practice Form
    • New Patient Medical History Form
  • Presione AQUI para el Paquete de Registro del Paciente Nuevo (Español) (Español)